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Jade Elizabeth is a Unique Textile brand, specializing in one - of - a - kind fashion accessories. Here, we strictly believe in only providing the best quality items that are made from locally sourced, sustainable materials. So you can wear fashionable accessories that no longer harm the planet. Individuality and comfort is a must, and Here at Jade Elizabeth, we help you to stand out from the crowd with beautifully made accessories to brighten up any outfit!

Our accessories provide a bright, exciting pop of colour and comfort to whatever your wearing, you can rest easy and feel good, knowing your supporting sustainable fashion. We want all our customers to enjoy our stand out products and essentially help you to “distinguish yourself” from the crowd! Be Bold and feel empowered with our eco products.

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About Me

Jade Elizabeth began early 2019 when I discovered my love for pattern design and a deeper love for sewing in early 2020, it was inspired by my nanna who was a seamstress herself. After losing her capability to sew due to MS I chose to continue her passion through my own hands. Jade Elizabeth uses bright exciting patterns which I illustrate by hand all of which are inspired by what I like to call Botanical Nostalgia. The designs themselves reflect my child hood memories with my grandparents who often gardened and told tales of there grounds and the creatures who lived there. My work reflects these naturistic stories with a mix of floral pieces and animals. Combined with bright punchy colours my work gives that ultimate unique pop that can best reflect childhood nostalgia.

We care about the environment so Products at Jade Elizabeth all start out as lovingly sketched ideas before being turned into a bright punchy pattern. The Pattern is then digitally printed with water based inks onto locally sourced sustainable materials such as organic cotton, silk, linen and more. These fabrics are then lovingly cut and sewn into beautiful accessories. All Products come beautifully wrapped, with care and the environment in mind, we strive to be a 0 waste business and will continue to re use or upcycle any scraps or off cut fabrics we have.

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