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Graduation during COVID

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

A big jump for a lot of us as students is the harsh reality of graduating through COVID without an official degree show and the concern of where our passion will lead us when work currently is so limited. However, i have learnt that even COVID will not stop us from being the best creatives we can be. It might feel like we have no direction but i am here to say its important now more than ever to push ourselves and challenge each other to do work even after we graduate. weather that be selling prints through Etsy, taking part in competitions, or perhaps contacting local businesses for work, its vital to take on these opportunities.

One thing i learnt was that opportunities won't necessarily find you straight away and that's okay but just because you can't see the opportunities doesn't mean there isn't any. I stress, go out and make your own opportunities, pave your own future and don't be afraid to take a leap of faith into something scary. New things can be scary, but let me tell you, great things will come your way if you push yourself just that little bit more. Believe in yourself and remember graduation isn't the end of learning, its just the beginning.

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