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One Foot In Front Of The Other

I didn't always want to be an fact when i was younger i was determined to be a vet. As i grew older i realised my passions lie in art and drama and i began dreaming of how i could pursue a career in art, something i always knew would extremely difficult.

My Journey to becoming a small business owner didn't always follow a straight path, it had bends, U turns and crazy rocky roads followed by self doubt. Back in school, we was asked what we wanted to be and i constantly changed my mind, believing the only thing i could do was paint, by the time i got into my final year of school i had decided i would definitely be a tattoo artist, i developed a tattoo like style using black and white linework combined

various other styles had decided to learn before entering the tattoo industry, however following my final year of college i was recommended to try university, specialising in illustration. I had doubts and wasn't even sure it would be of benefit, the course i chose was communication design, a course that covered photography, graphics and illustration. It was a big jump for me, i had never used any kind of software and before then, i had always seen myself as more of a painter, regardless, i went to university one foot in front of the other i experimented with materials, stuck to my beliefs and continued my hand drawn illustrations despite the industry cry out for digital art.

The first couple of years were spent with me experimenting and trying to learn where i could take these newly learnt skills, could i be a muralist? That seemed like a logical idea, after running a mural project in my first year i fell in love with the idea of running a business painting murals across the world...alas i remembered my family, my partner, my pets...truth be told i always believed that if you want to be successful in a artistic career you had to leave loved ones behind and honestly, this wasn't something i was prepared to do, i wanted a career that wouldn't move me miles away from everything that makes me happy. This lead me to being a freelancer, i was hesitant about this idea but i had figured by freelancing branding an agency who believes in my traditional methods may take me on...a little optimistic if i do say so myself. I spent the next two years developing my style and slowly realising that my work didn't suit agency life and in fact i struggled to see my work anywhere.

A little defeated i went into my third year a little lost with my work suffering. After speaking to a few people and looking over previous work it was brought to my attention that i had a skill for creating patterns, for that year i decided to establish my skills in pattern design and discover ways i could apply my newly learnt skills to a real life job. That became difficult as most students my age were getting internships and placements in agencies where as i was still discovering myself as an artist. The more i worked and researched i found local artists and graduates who were making a living doing what they love by creating their own products. Inspired i realised this was what i wanted, regular craft fayres, local exhibitions, my own studio with family close by, it was every thing i could ever dream of...but i knew this choice would be difficult and it still is. I fought from there on to be recognised as a designer and illustrator, i learnt to sew, learnt to print on fabrics and even learnt to brand myself following my values and passions.

Jade Elizabeth was created inspired by my family and my love for fashion, pattern design and graphic design, i developed my skills over the years, questioned myself, doubted myself but ultimately pushed myself, with one foot in front of the other i'll continue to progress and i'll continue to grow my business because this, this is my passion this is what i love and i hope by telling you my journey you too can find peace in knowing that your journey won't be an easy straight line but a journey worth waiting for in the end.

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