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The design process for Jade Elizabeth products all start out as hand drawn illustrations, both black and white and painted. My stylized drawing initially began as tattoo designs but developed quickly into surface and pattern design based on my love for colour. I often use deep striking colours and layer the paint to get various tones coming through the designs. I like to stick to using paper and paint, raw mistakes is a big part of me and my work and what provides my work with its originality.

About Our Leather
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After the patterns have been created and chosen they are sent to Contrado for the printing process. Here i choose organic cottons and linens to print my designs onto. Contrado use water based inks and organic materials to reduce pollution and waste, helping us to stay more sustainable and more environmentally friendly.  The patterned material is then cut to size and paired with suitable linens or cork from Create in Colour. 


Finally, each piece of fabric is cut and sewn together by myself lovingly to create my sustainable fashion accessories i have come to so deeply love, before being packaged up in eco- friendly recyclable packaging. Most products we provide are made to order to reduce our waste output, we believe that upcycling waste and re-using off cut fabric is a big part of reducing pollution and waste and so we promote the idea of circularity having items made to order or re - using off cuts as much as possible to create one of pieces.

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